Help With Our Renovation In Exchange For Lovely Furnished Room And 5 Dinners A Week 20m From Melbour


Blackburn South, VIC

Posted 12/4/2019

:)To Apply, tell us how you are a good fit for this opportunity We are looking for 2 people, preferably a couple, to each work 4 hours a day, 5 days a week, in exchange for accommodation/board in a shared home, in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. We are accepting applications from Dec 29th to the 31st of January from people with experience building, renovating, completing household repairs, doing manual labour (trench digging, heavy lifting etc) cooking meals and routine household cleaning. You will live in the house with us, In a private furnished room with queen sized bed, built in robes, bedside tables a desk and a wall mounted TV. You will share a bathroom with one other bedroom. You will be welcome in our Living room and kitchen, where you will have access to full cooking gear as well as fridge and pantry space. You are welcome to use the shared Netflix in the living room, and to enjoy a cold drink on our front verendah. We are just one block from local shops which have a large supermarket, 2 great bakeries, 2 op shops, pharmacy, the bus, and heaps more. We are 40 minutes Public transport to Melbourne City, or 20 minutes drive (In light traffic!) I am renovating my home, which I currently share with friends. We are 3 25-30 full time workers, with a variety of hours. We have been sharing for a few years, and with helpers and AirBnb stays since I had an accident mid year and required help. We get along well with couples and like to get to know each other over a few meals together. Sometimes our schedules are a bit full, and we can occasionally go days not seeing much of each other. We are currently doing a house renovation and rebuilding an area, we have qualified trades for big jobs, but need help with lots of bits and pieces. Unfortunately I had an accident in July where I broke both arms! I am getting back to normal, but have some restrictions and will need help with renovation jobs I had planned to do myself, and some household maintenance which has fallen behind. – Experience with Plumbing, Tiling, Electrical, Framing, Plastering, Painting, Wardrobe installation all highly regarded, but not essential – We will supply dinner five nights a week and you will cook for us to share. – Regular household cleaning.
– Willingness to dig ditches.
-Willingness to follow instruction/you tube videos for calculating materials required, making shopping lists for hardware store, accompanying on hardware store trips for heavy items and carrying, installing insulation in walls, plastering walls and ceiling, painting, assistance with framing.
-Willingness to use power tools under instruction (mostly electric drill, maybe more depending on your comfort/experience)
During Late December/January we have a few house projects and would love help with: We will discuss meal arrangements, based on your ability/willingness to cook, Ideally you are a competent cook who can follow a recipe, and we would supply five dinners a week, all other meals and snacks will be supplied for yourself. We are able to host for 2-4 weeks, with the possibility of longer depending on special skills and how we get along. We are flexible about when hours are worked and willing to discuss options. I have lived with couples from NZ, US, UK, Germany, France, Canada; we are open to hosting new people. We have found Help Exchange to be a good experience for all involved. We will invite you to join us for some of our activities which could include having friends over for potluck dinner (Each bring a dish to share) or games nights, Attending a sport or cultural event, etc. We are happy to advice on local activities and share our culture and yours. Please get in contact with any questions. To let us know you have read the add, please share what you like to eat for Breakfast :)

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