New private housing development creating hundreds of construction jobs in the NT

Posted: 13th Feb

A new private housing development in Palmerston supported by the Territory Government is supporting 90 local jobs and more housing options for social housing tenants.

Work will also begin soon on about 50 more homes, with hundreds more jobs in the pipeline.

Private sector incentive for the project comes from the Territory Labor Government’s innovative Social Housing Head Leasing program where property developers, or owners, are offered long-term leases, at market rent, for homes which can be sublet to applicants who qualify for social housing.

The new construction at Farrar – a complex of six one-bedroom homes – is a joint venture between John Kypreos and the Stenda Group, which is due for completion by June.

All works – including plumbing, concreting, electrical, roofing, brick-laying and landscaping – will be subcontracted to at least a dozen local businesses.

These new homes will be suitable for people with disabilities and senior Territorians, while also meeting the increasing demand for single bedroom homes.

So far, 200 dwellings across the NT are head leased for social housing with this number set to rise. Work is set to begin on:

  • 30 two-bedroom homes in the Narrows;
  • Seven three-bedroom homes in Durack; and
  • Plans for 12 units in Tennant Creek are currently being finalised.

That will mean a lot more work for local businesses and a lot more local jobs created for Territorians.

The Department of Local Government, Housing and Community Development will head lease the units for ten years with a five-year extension option.

Quotes attributed to Chief Minister Michael Gunner:

“Territory Labor’s first, second and third priorities for 2020 are jobs, jobs and jobs. There is nothing that’s more important to us than delivering more local jobs.

“We know private investment in construction projects creates strong economic growth and more local jobs. It’s all part of the Territory’s road to recovery – a jobs-led recovery, not a cuts-led recovery.

“We know you make the economy stronger by creating jobs – not by cutting jobs, increasing power prices or selling public assets.

“Social Housing Head Leasing is one of our Government’s many programs that stimulate the economy by offering developers the financial security required to undertake such ventures.

“We are building job-creating infrastructure, we are putting local businesses and local workers first, and we are investing in our community.”

As noted by Minister for Local Government, Housing and Community Development, Gerry McCarthy:

“The Territory Labor Government has a clear focus on housing Territorians. Part of our strategy is to explore better pathways into public and social housing in partnership with industry.

“The units being constructed by John Kypreos and the Stenda Group will deliver targeted provisions for people with disabilities and senior Territorians and help to meet the increasing demand for single bedroom homes.

“This project exemplifies how the Territory Labor Government is supporting local businesses and strengthening our economy whilst delivering safe, affordable housing to our most vulnerable Territorians.”

Source: Mirage News -