Recruiting People That Are Right For You Business

Posted: 10th Feb

Finding the right staff is always a challenge. Your staff determines to a degree, your business success or failure. If you have the right employees, your business will go from strength to strength. Poor recruitment of staff can lead to future problems and conflict.


Here are some tips to help you recruit the right staff for the right job:

  • Recruit staff who understand how your company works, it's philosophy and recruit those who share the same ethics and values. This is the best way to create a core team. You need to set the example for your staff to follow your lead.
  • When assessing if a potential employee has the necessary skills to do the job, you need to ensure they have the right qualifications. This requires copies of certificates, trade qualifications and other related material to ensure that core subjects meet your job requirements.
  • Think outside the box. There are many places you can recruit from, here are some ways:
  • Using professional recruiters.
  • Advertising on a website such as the Jobs In Construction site, other Talent Community sites which specialise in specific areas, Seek, My Career or even Gumtree.
  • Education centres - those centres that train in the required qualifications, some would have students looking for employment.
  • Local community noticeboards.
  • Prepare for the interview. Make a list of what you what to know. At the interview use this time to get to know the person and create a relaxed atmosphere that will allow the interviewee to feel comfortable. This way you are able to get a more accurate indication of their potential.
  • Get a reference from a former employer, teacher or professional contact. A personal endorsement from a referee strengthens the potential employees credentials. Based on the conversation a decision will be made more easily.
  • Ensure that you are aware of your responsibilities as an employer. Your obligations include:
  • ​Ensuring employees can work in Australia (appropriate documentation, visas etc).
  • Paying the minimum wages.
  • Ensure employer's liability insurance is up to date and current. 
  • Ensure relevant taxes are paid (BAS, income tax etc).


A variety of information for employers and employees can be found at Worksafe Victoria and Fairwork Australia.


Make sure you get on the right Train Station!

Once you have found the right staff for your business, you need to consider training.  This gives your new staff as well as existing staff the opportunity to learn, improve and create a better staff team.  Staff that have undertaken training are more likely to stay longer because value is placed on their development.  Their future with the company is more secure.  This reducing turnover, improving consistency and keep costs down. 

So make sure you hold onto your valid ticket!