7 Questions to ask a Potential Employer

Posted: 7th Mar

The scenario...

You're at a job interview, it's all going well. You're well presented, speaking clearly and answering every question which you've been asked. You know it's coming, but you can't think of anything. The interviewer smiles, and says "do you have any questions you would like to ask?". 

This time, you say "Yes I do" and look down at the folder to unveil a list of neatly printed questions which you prepared earlier.

"Impressive" thinks the potential employer because you have put the time and thought in preparing questions for your interview.


The questions...

You don't need to have a long list of questions, just 2 or 3 will do. Remembering the questions should be focused on helping you learn about the job, at this stage of the interview you are still proving that you are the best candidate for the position.

Here are 7 questions which you might consider:

1. What are the most important things you'd like me to accomplish in the first three months if I am hired for this position?

2. How is performance typically measured and reviewed?

Here are some questions which may cause the employer to review the reason why you would be an asset to their company.

3. How do you see my skills and experience filling with the needs of your company?

4. When do you expect to be making a hiring decision?

5. May I follow up with you to find out about your decision?

The next question may be a winner. It will allow the opportunity for the employer to ask you any final questions that they may have before the interview concludes.

6. Is there anything at all that you'd like me to clarify for you?

7. May I have your business card?

Most importantly, ask the employer if it is ok for follow up after the interview. This allows you to gain some power instead of waiting around for an answer wondering whether or not you got the job.


Good Luck!

You're welcome to email me to let me know how this worked for you or for some more helpful tips.